CARES Project, training in STEM for 8 students in Sicily


We are so proud to announce the excellent organization and implementation of the first training activity from the Cares project, conducted by Fab Lab Messina and coordinated by our partner AISR from Northern Ireland. Horizont Proconsult chose to collaborate with AEG “Geo Milev” from Burgas and we sent 8 students, interested in STEM to participate and to represent us on the training.

Throughout the 5 days, the students were working and interacting in teams and practiced using different tools, such as various 3D modeling tools, softwares such as Freecad and learned about Vector Graphics editors such as InkSpace, Flat Lab and Adobe Illustrator. Also, they were introduced to some electricity related concepts and printed circuit boards (PCB) fabrication and assembled them.

This LTTA was essential in order to measure students’ current knowledge, skills and their understanding regarding STEM activities, concepts, careers, entrepreneurship and their preferences etc. The lucky bulgarian students received the opportunity to use digital tools they weren’t familiar with and also to collaborate in international teams with participants from Romania, Italy and Turkey. We hope that after having participated in that activity, the students have increased their interest to further develop their knowledge in STEM and to aspire for a future career development in this field.


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