Second international meeting for the project Go4 Vocational skills

Go4 Vocational skills Meeting_1

The second transnational meeting for the project Go4VocationalSkills, with project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-VET-000034866 was held on the

19th and 20th September 2022 in Zaragoza, Spain. All the project partners, which are ZST – Poland,Mundus – Spain, AKMI – Greece and  us-  Horizont ProConsult – Bulgaria took part in it.

The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of education in technical schools in Europe by implementing a tool for analyzing the competency gap of students studying in the following professions: construction technician, logistics technician, renewable energy technician.

At the meeting on the project, partners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Spanish framework of vocational education.

Part of the program was a visit to the Center for Innovation, Logistics and Accreditation: CIFPA. The participants were also in one of the main companies in the Zaragoza-Bauhaus, which accepts trainees from vocational high schools, especially in the fields of logistics and construction. The company gave valuable guidance on the preparatory process of internships, sharing with the partners the most important qualities that students need to have in order to work in these areas.

The partners also discussed the results of the Quantitative Research, which were conducted in vocational high schools, especially in the field of construction, logistics and renewable energy in their countries.

 Along with the interview data conducted with specialists from the three listed spheres, as well as the information from in -depth analysis of external sources and official reports of the European Union, the first result of the project is to be completed, and the publication of specific theoretical and practical qualifications that is which is UP students from PSO to own in order to work in their chosen professions.

After the distribution of the tasks was specified, the IT Tool is to be drawn up, which through a thorough test will evaluate the level of competence of each student, according to what is sought in the labor market.

The project will continue within three years, during which Horizon Proconsult, along with its partners, will do everything necessary to contribute to its development! 

We are happy to be part of such an important cause for the young generation!


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