Service Strategic Development


Horizont ProConsult specializes in preparing a tailored strategic plan for development of educational institutions, which ensures their mobility activities for the Erasmus+ programme period 2021-2027. The service package on accreditation includes:

  • Initial consultation with an expert aiming to understand the needs and aims of your educational institution.
  • Preparation of the strategic plan for international development of the institution, preparation of the Erasmus+ application form and submission by the set deadline.
  • For each year of the 5-year strategic plan, we prepare and organize the activities planned in the mobility programmes according to the requirements of the beneficiary
  • Recommendation of a specialized and trusted partner from our international network, based on the mobility activities chosen according to the beneficiary’s needs.
  • Financial, administrative and reporting management of the programme.

Please note, through accreditation your educational institution is capable of carrying out a number of planned mobilities per year, which immensely broadens your regional and international capacities.  On the other hand,  with one-off mobilities as per Service Package 2, you are limited  to 3 mobilities per the programme period 2021-2027   alongside the processes of application, preparation, financial and administrative managing. Compared to Service Package 2, Erasmus+ accreditation is a more efficient and long-term beneficial choice of action.

The next opportunity for Erasmus+ accreditation applications is October 2023. Get in touch with us for initial discussions ahead of time.  


If you are interested, please reach out to us.