Professional practice in trade and economics – first steps to success

Project Number: 2019-1-BG01-KA102-061853


The project consist of the implementation of internships and traineeship for students studying economics from 3 high schools in the country. The internships are conducted with the official assistance and partnership of Asociacion Mundus in Zaragoza, Spain.

Participants in the mobilities are 45 students from TG “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” Stara Zagora, PGI “GS Rakovski ” Yambol and FSG“ V. Levski ”- Montana, as well as the accompanying 6 teachers.

The areas for improvement and the main areas in which the consortium seeks and aims to improve quality through the planned activities for educational mobility are:

  • To provide an opportunity for practical training in a real work environment for students studying in the economic and financial fields, in order to increase the quality of practical training of VET students
  • To develop a higher level of competitiveness in the participating educational institutions by introducing the application of the European dimension in the educational process and the standards for training validation
  • To develop lasting cooperation for the transfer of good practices between the private and public education sectors
  • To help students to consolidate what they have learned so far in theory at school, mastering the basic practical aspects of the studied professions through the first work experience abroad
  • To stimulate higher achievements in education through regular international activity in the represented high schools

The project aims to help overcome the challenges and difficulties faced by educational institutions related to lack of practical training in specialized economic specialties, underdeveloped international activities in schools, as well as lack of communication and interaction with the business community. Participants will acquire new knowledge and skills in economic disciplines, which will be a prerequisite for increased competitiveness and adaptability to the labor market. The project will contribute to the more active implementation of practical assignments in economic high schools in general and this will lead to an easier transition of students from education to professional realization. In addition, the initiative will contribute to increasing the capacity and attractiveness of economic high schools, by introducing a European dimension and standards in the educational process and in the validation of knowledge, thus fully promoting the interest in VET in Bulgaria.

The expected results for the participants are:

  • Upgrading and improving professional knowledge in the field of micro and macro economy, trade, economic informatics and business administration.
  • Learning the organizational and managerial structure of the company, the standards in business relations, international and online trade.
  • Support for further professional orientation and realization, as well as career development thanks to the internship.
  • Through the stay abroad the personal skills of the trainees will be improved, through the acquired international experience.
  • To improve their social competencies and leadership qualities, development of skills for teamwork and those for planning and quality performance of work tasks in the profession.

The practice in a real work environment will help to improve the language skills of the participants and their ability to communicate and communicate in English in a work environment. Knowledge focused on the specific professional field, namely, administration, international trade and work with clients, will be acquired. Last but not least, the practice will improve the overall work behavior and discipline of the participants.


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