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BRinging STEM into Active agINg

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Strategic partnership (KA204)


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“BRinging STEM into Active agINg” (BRAIN) is a 24 months Strategic Partnership aimed at training Scientific Researchers to transfer knowledge and skills to elderly people, thus promoting their social role in society.

– Training of researchers to promote knowledge and skills related to science and its fields among the elderly;
– Stimulating education among the elderly;
– Engaging older people in educational seminars in their local communities aimed at social inclusion and breaking stereotypes;
– Creating concrete and effective methodologies that could be used internationally;
– Perception of systematic thinking as an approach, while stimulating activity among the elderly.

1. Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii I Innowacji W Lublinie – Poland
2. Mine Vagnti NGO – Italy
3. Foro De Formacion y Ediciones, S.L.U – Spain
4. System Dynamics Italian Chapter – Italy
5. “Horizont ProConsult” Ltd – Bulgaria

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