Lazara Prichkapova

Today is the penultimate day of my stay in Zaragoza under the program “European experience – first steps towards professional realization”. I want to say that these weeks passed for a long time to enjoy the time to the fullest, but in fact they flew away imperceptibly. Twenty-three days after my arrival, I have gained so many new experiences and things that I could not be more than incredibly happy to have had the chance to be part of this program. During my time I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life here, the rhythm of work and the culture of this country in general. In other words, Erasmus for me is not just a journey with a specific aspect – work, but a way to feel part of different places and cultures from every point of view. During my school practice here, I got acquainted with the way of working in this country and some of the work habits of the people here. I was lucky to work in an amazing company, with a great team and leader and I am extremely impressed with the time they spent on my personal professional development. I am glad that they were giving me interesting tasks. I made an effort and gave the maximum of myself. Since I’m talking about experiences, this whole work environment for me is an experience that will still help me understand what my passion is that I want to do in the future.

And now a little about the daily life and culture here and how I fit into them. Spain was really a great experience for me, as I am considering going back and studying there. Therefore, my stay in Zaragoza really helped me find out if this is my place and the answer is yes. Everything here is a bit different, but this is exactly what impressed me – the curios and the new. Culture, on the other hand, captivated me with its diversity and authenticity – everything from the big cathedrals to the galleries and small museums full of art is impressive and worth a visit.

Entertainment here has no end – swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and small bars just say la vida es hermosa, disfrútala! This is a small part of my experience here, because if I start describing everything, you and I will have to spend almost 23 days reading!

Thank you for the opportunity to be here, and to all who are hesitant to participate in such programs – I would say don’t hesitate for a second, because there will only be a benefit for you and your development!