Strategic partnership project in the adult education sector

Strategic partnership project in the adult education sector
Number of the project: 2017–1–ES01–KA204–038272

Better and easier access to Lifelong learning in Europe



The project “Better and easier access to lifelong learning in Europe” has been developed to address issues related to the lack of basic skills and to facilitate access to lifelong learning opportunities for adults.

The project works on the development of training materials and tools that will stimulate the participation of target groups in training activities and qualitative learning processes in order to acquire skills and integrate or increase the competitiveness of the labor market. 

Also, some of the training materials that the project will create are directed directly to pedagogues working in this area to make it easier for them to work mainly with trainee disadvantaged adults. In this way, the project seeks to strengthen the profiles of professionals working in this sector by enhancing the quality of the educational offer offered by educational institutions by providing high-quality training opportunities tailored to the needs of individual learners in their fields.

The project works to create educational online modules aimed at acquiring and improving skills and competencies that allow for easier integration into the labor market and support employment in general.
The main objectives of the project are:

  • Raise awareness of international mobility and lifelong learning among adult learners, especially those who are disadvantaged;
  • Creating educational modules aimed at adult learners in order to provide support to increase their skills and acquire new competences related to their professional development. Training materials are also important for teachers working with target groups in this field;
  • Creating an online learning platform containing a high quality training offer for adult learners and trainers

The platform created by the project consists of standardized 7-language module modules designed to facilitate access to lifelong learning and to encourage the participation of more learners and professionals in such processes. The platform will help and encourage:

  • Sharing of good practices, experience and information between organizations working in the field of adult education, thus enhancing cooperation between education, training and youth areas;
  • Collaboration between professionals working in this field by establishing cross-sectoral partnerships aimed at further sustainable development of the adult education sector in Europe.

Project period: 01.10.2017–30.09.2019