Feedback from our participants in the internships in Zaragoza, Spain

Here is what our participants in the internships in Zaragoza, Spain, who were funded by an Erasmus + project Professional Practice in Trade and Economics – First Steps to Success, share.

During the internship abroad under an Erasmus + project I was able to get to know the city of Zaragoza as well as the nature of my future profession. This internship was a unique opportunity to improve and get acquainted with the profession I am studying. All this would not have been possible without the hard work of the people from Horizon ProConsult and the Mundus Association, with whom I was able to get acquainted. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this project.

Alexander Stefanov

My name is Mila and this internship in Spain was one step further to the adulthood. That was my first time working and it gave me the courage that i can do and work anything i want. Zaragoza was absolutely astonishing and the people too, they were so open-minded and happy, singing on the streets and greeting you with smile on their face. The internship was very useful and i am grateful that i participated.

Mila Milanova

Spain is a country full of energy, positivism, melody and carefree. During the Erasmus internship in Zaragoza, I felt extremely positive and relaxed, thanks to the special care of Horizon ProConsult and the Mundus Association, as well as the employers at my place of work.
It was definitely a pleasure for me to get the opportunity to participate in the project and experience so many amazing moments that will stay in my mind for a long time.

Biliana Tsvetanova

I was very enthusiastic when I found out that there would be a project in Zaragoza, Spain, and I no doubt applied. I was very happy when I was approved.
The hotel where we were accommodated was really cozy. The staff there was very friendly and the breakfast was delicious. The rooms were also on a high level.
Zaragoza is a very beautiful city and in my free time I had a wide choice of activities.
Our mentor from the Mundus Association was a very kind, warm and funny person.
The job I was in was more than I expected. The work was related to my profession, my colleagues were well acquainted with their duties and were very polite to me.
The project was an amazing experience that brings very warm memories and that gave us a lot of new knowledge and skills professionally.

Andrey Kolev

My experience, with the help of Horizon ProConsult, the Mundus Association and Erasmus +, was new and unfamiliar to me, but really worth it. One has to try something new and gain experience from experiences like this.

Ivan Petkov


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