On the 31st of April was held the Midterm Evaluation Meeting for the project WBL 2 in Barcelos , Portugal where representatives from all 7 partner countries made the final adjustments for the finalization of the intellectual outputs and conclusion of the project on a good note. The main objectives of Work Based Learning 2

The final meeting of the project “Creating VET Business Partnerships for Work-Based Learning” was held on January 24-25, 2022 and brought together the partners in Skopje, Macedonia. The final results of the project were discussed and presented at a meeting. The partners shared the difficulties during the implementation of the project, discussed possible future partnerships

Every year, the HRDC organizes the Valorisation Conference, which recognizes the best projects under the Erasmus + Program and the European Solidarity Corps, which were successfully completed during the year. Representatives of the Ministry of Education and others attended this year’s ceremony. Among the winners was our project Work Based Learning – the entrance to

The multiplier events gave the possibility to present the results of the project and discuss future projects with the participants. Horizon ProConsult shared its experience and results from the work of the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (ASE) project (2019-1-BE01-KA204-050396), funded as an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project. The event had a special focus on the

The Final Meeting of the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (ASE) 2019-1-BE01-KA204-050396 project took place in Brussels on 8 December 2021. Participants in the event were all project partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Latvia. The project work, results and next steps were discussed. Multiplayer events are forthcoming to disseminate the results of the

As part of project Open Minds (2020-3-DK01-KA205-094059), we are conducting a survey to analyse our youth’s life today. Our idea is to talk to educators and youth in order to exploring the socio-economic drivers of radical religious and political ideologies prone to incite or lead to violence.  Answering the questionnaire you will share your experience

The project team from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Latvia released the output planned from project Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (ASE) (2019-1-BE01-KA204-050396). The output is content development of courses aiming to teach social business and economy, innovation and creation of social enterprises and third sector entities. It is presented under various text files and

The first live meeting for project Open Minds (2020-3-DK01-KA205-094059) was organized in Torino, Italy. More than 10 participants from the partnering countries took part in the event. Anna Jørgensen, SOSU gave a presentation on the IO1-A1 report, which was developed from May 2021 until now. The report includes a definition of the key terms of

European Day of Languages ​​is celebrated annually on 26 September, as an initiative of the Council of Europe. In this regard, together with our partners in the Career Accessibility for Resilient Employment in STEMM (CARES) project, we decided to celebrate this important date. Here is how the enthusiastic and creative students of the elite AEG