Hybrid Meeting Greece VET-WBL


Hybrid Meeting Greece VET-WBL

During August 24th-25th 2021 the partnership ‘Çreating VET Business Partnerships for Work-Based Learning’ came together for the Hybrid meeting (OnLine and face-to-face) in Larissa Greece. In this very successful meeting we discussed and presented our progress so far with our products and intelectual outputs: VET-WBL Guide, Passport to Success and the VET-WBL Platform.


On day 1 of the Greek hybrid meeting Pieter van Schie presented the VET-WBL Guide and the Passport to Success. The VET-WBL Guide has reached the final concept stage. The VET-WBL Guide is a comprehensive good practice guide detailing the steps towards setting up and running a work based learning programme for schools and companies in accessing employment or employability training.

The aim is to provide an overview of theoretical perspectives on Work based learning education, support for young people, schools and companies out there. This Guide is for schools and companies, finding the identifying ‘good practices’, to use this knowledge to be able to innovate and have impact. We anticipate that this will likely include training, self-education, and practice by doing.

VET-WBL Platform http://www.platformforjobs.com/ 

On day 1 the Passport 2 Success also was presented. We will publish an article in a couple of weeks to show our progress on this particular service.

The VET-WBL Platform was presented by Thomas and Tereza of Wisamar on Day 2 of the hybrid meeting. Thomas explained how the teachers, students and companies can create profiles and use the platform to their advantage. There is still some work to do, but looks already terrific.


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