Kick off meeting and start of the project VET Circle


The FirstTransnational Meeting for the project Vet Circle was held Sofia, on the 30th of November and 1st of December, hosted by the team of Horizont ProConsult. Present were representatives of all partnering organization: Osmaniye İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü from Turkey, IED from Greece, Dutch Foundation from the Netherlands and the leading organization- Foundation NK from North Macedonia.

VET Circle is a project designed to make good connections among the VET schools and companies in a way to better prepare VET students, trainees, apprentices for the real work market, as well as help the real work market have the best future employees. The partnership will aim to create a network between interns from VET schools and Universities with international companies.

In the following few months each of the partners conduct a series of surveys with students, teachers and company mentors in order to have a better understanding on the current needs of the target groups. Based on the collected results the partnership will be able to come up with learning guide on how to properly conduct an interview, an internship and evaluation of results.

Two learning mobilities are foreseen to take place for the teachers and mentors of companies from each participating country, one will be hosted by the Dutch Foundation in the Netherlands and the second one will be held in Turkey. 

This meeting was very fruitful for the partners, as we were able to discuss and evaluate in group the work that is ahead of us, set important deadlines and explain the project flow.


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