Mobile Gaming App for Elderly – Almost ready!

Old People

Our research and analysis is coming together in a mobile application specifically designed for elderly citizens. This app will speak to the aims of the project to use STEMM as an engaging topic for older members of society creating an environment for interaction and connection. 

The app will focus on simplicity while offering a variety of difficulty levels and a variety of topics on maths, chemistry, physics, IT and others. 

  • There will be a recycling game that clarifies rules and guidelines for recycling. 
  • There will be a quiz game in the field of Biology that connects to care for personal health and disease prevention. 
  • There will be a Mathematics section that offers simple calculations for cognitive stimulation connected to everyday scenarios like paying bills, groceries etc. 
  • The IT section will offer some knowledge on setting up email accounts, internet browsing, creating and printing documents. 

The purpose of this content is to combine easy to learn but simple concepts that can play out in real-life context.


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