Emili Asparuhova and Kamen Marinov

We arrived in the beautiful city of Zaragoza on the first of July, tired from the long journey. After relaxing at the hotel we went to the building of the association “Mundus”, where we all shared our expectations and prepared for the upcoming experience. The next few days we got acquainted with the sights and history of the city, as well as its culture and citizens. We also had the chance to try local food. The city was quiet and there were many places where we could spend our free time and have fun.

Our internship was carried out in the accounting firm “Zarainver Asesores”, where with the help of our mentors, we were able to get acquainted with the way of working in a foreign company, as well as to put into practice our knowledge in the field. We had the chance to practice our language and collegiality, and we also managed to upgrade our knowledge acquired at school. The work environment was pleasant and calm, and our mentors were always friendly and ready to answer any of our questions. Thanks to the practice we were able to gain professional experience and new knowledge, and we also learned how to be more responsible. We are grateful for everything we managed to learn, and we are happy that we took part in the project, which in many ways managed to help us and prepare us for our professional realization!