Magdalena Boeva and Mira Krasteva

The project “European experience – first steps towards professional realization” gave us the opportunity to develop our skills and cultural knowledge first hand. Because of it we started our first job and laid the foundations of our professional career development.

We worked in Drolimsa, a cleaning product supplier, in the Administration Department. There we got acquainted with the main phases of documentation in an enterprise. We started from the introduction of customer orders to the final archiving of invoices and delivery notes. The teamwork helped us develop our language, digital, communication and management skills.

In addition to the internship, we also had the opportunity to visit Zaragoza. During our long stay we had enough time to explore the city and try the local cuisine. We visited the José Antonio Labordeta Park or also known as the Grand Park, the city aquarium and the biggest attraction in the city Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar.

The experience was unforgettable, but the new friendships and knowledge gained by the project will forever stay with us.