Miglena Angelova

The project offered us a 23-day internship in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. We had the opportunity to work in foreign companies, to practice the language and to get to know the city we were in.

Zaragoza is a beautiful city that offers the opportunity for endless walks and unforgettable views. A very industrial city that offered us a variety of jobs. A calm and quiet city to which I would return when I need a break. The small and narrow neighborhood streets offer comfort and freedom. The sights are not many, but the few that are there are worth a visit.

The internship at Selvatik taught me patience, because working with children is not easy. It was more difficult to communicate with them because I don’t speak Spanish and they speak English, but we still managed to understand each other. The team was very kind and in position and always ready to help when needed. I learned how much effort it takes to maintain a place successfully despite everyday problems.

The experience we had cannot be described and compared to anything else. There were 15 students there who hardly knew each other, but during all this time we became friends and created unforgettable memories. We managed alone, without our parents. We decided for ourselves what and where we would eat, when and what we would do. We were alone, but we were together, which made the whole adventure amazing.