Maria Abud

Summer practice in Spain-Zaragoza

My summer internship in Zaragoza, organized by Mundos, was a good start for our profession in the future. I worked in the restaurant of Jorge-Aida GastroEspacio. The experience was very interesting, enjoyable and we learned a lot of new things about marketing and accounting and effectively applied our skills learned in school. Our boss always helped us when we had difficulties at work and understood each other very well as a team. The staff was also very kind, friendly and treated us like friends. It was an amazing experience for us on our first job.

The city was also very nice and interesting, but we had a small language barrier with the people who live there. Most of the time we had to use online translation applications, but otherwise, when we showed her the translation in Spanish, they immediately responded and helped us with the things we were looking for or asking.

The team of Horizon ProConsult and the Mundus Association also helped us when we had problems at work and were very responsive. But the only problem, in my opinion, was that there was no organization of our free time (to take the whole group somewhere – to see a landmark, an amusement park, another city, etc.).

The hotel was nice, our rooms were cleaned and our towels were changed every day. It was also in a good location in the center and there was public transport and shops nearby. There were a few problems with the cards and room keys, as well as with breakfast, because it was the same every day, but otherwise everything was fine.

Overall, it was an interesting and varied experience, we learned new things, we saw what it was like to go to work and manage on our own in a foreign country, with a foreign language for us, and it was an experience we will not forget.