Ivan Mutafchiev

Summer practice in Spain  

We spent three weeks of the summer in Zaragoza working in local companies, gaining experience and knowledge. It was very beneficial for us all because we improved our working, organizational, communicational and social skills.

Being in a group of so many different people contributed to our development. The pre-selection of students made by the school was quite effective because we managed to fit in and work as a real team. Also, thanks to this, we were able to have fun and explore the city more entertainingly.

I worked in a patronage association with three other people. Our tasks were assigned by our mentor Gus, who is a marketer in a large Spanish company. That was very helpful because we took a closer look at the work of a marketer and mastered it better. Most of our tasks were concentrated in social media, which is good because it is a very fast-growing sector with a lot of potential.

Let’s not forget the fact that many of us were able to see what life is like abroad, far from home, family and friends. A large part of the people there have the intention to continue their education outside Bulgaria, and I think that this mobility was an opportunity for all of us to test our ability to study or work in another country.

After all, working in Spain, meeting the locals and exploring Zaragoza will remain a special memory in every one of us. It really did contribute to my personal and career development, for which I am extremely thankful.