Selina Makaveiska

For me, the internship in Zaragoza was an incredible adventure, in which I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take part.

Starting with the place, Zaragoza is an extremely beautiful city, full of beautiful buildings and cultural attractions, delicious food, museums and galleries and last but not least – wonderful people. This is certainly a city where you can see and try a lot of new things and 23 days is not enough to get to see all of it.

A city where you feel at home – so calm … Including it was at work – everything happened so calmly and without tension. The people we worked with were so understanding, they always came to us when we needed them and helped us. We learned in the best possible way with great people who quickly became our friends. With teamwork, cooperation and assistance, the work went smoothly and calmly. We were motivated to go to work precisely because of this friendly atmosphere.

All the time I was improving my communication skills and knowledge of Spanish, especially because there were really few people who spoke English, and my work was directly related to clients.

Working day and night touring the city with such friends was a wonderful way to spend those 23 days. Along with a lot of good photos there, I created a lot of good memories, new acquaintances, a lot of new skills and knowledge, for which I am so grateful for the program. We are grateful to our coordinators, to our managers, as well as to our colleagues in the companies. It really was an unforgettable adventure!