Maria Draganova

The adventure began on arrival in the city of Zaragoza late in the evening on July 1. I was accommodated in the Gran Via Hotel, where I stayed for 23 days. The first day began with an acquaintance with the group and the Mundus Association. The people from Mundus presented the goals and organization of the project. Subsequently, they made us share our expectations and concerns. At the meeting I was given a card for public transport with which to travel freely around the city in the coming days. During the rest of the day I used my free time and walked around the city center. The first weekend was completely free and no activities were organized, so I toured the city and visited some of the sights. The first working day started on Monday. They divided us into pairs and took me to the company where I was going to do my internship. There I met my guardian Susanna.

My first meeting was in the conference hall of the company and we discussed the work schedule and the tasks I will have to perform. Susana introduced me to the activities of the company and its partners. The next day I started working on a schedule and was instructed. I was explained what to do and how to deal with the various tasks. After I was given access to the system, I started my work. I handled each new task as they explained to me how I had to complete it. My work was related to administrative work. I entered data into the accounting system, posted invoices, sorted documents, responded to messages from customers, printed various documents such as bank transfers, invoices, contracts, personal data and more. I kept the company’s fixed costs for electricity, water, heating and gas. I was familiar with the company’s accounting system and prepared balance sheets.

My work in the company was extremely interesting and pleasant. I worked every weekday, and after work I had free time to rest and enjoy the spirit of the city. I had the opportunity to visit all the sights during my stay and I had enough freedom. With the weekly pockets I bought food of my choice. After the first working week, on Sunday, a trip was organized outside the city to an ecopark, which was two hours drive from Zaragoza. We had a few hours there and everyone had the opportunity to climb the rope park. After the weekend I had a second work week again. The third weekend was free and there were no organized trips and events. The third working week ended on Wednesday, and it was my last day at the company. On Thursday we had a Covid test and left for Bulgaria.