Final Partnership Meeting for the project CARES and multiplier event


In the beginning of the month, 5th and 6th of December, we held the last meeting for project CARES, an Erasmus + funded project that Horizont Proconsult was a part of. Throughout the project we were able to send 16 students from Bulgaria, interested in the topic of STEMM with also great knowledge in English, to participate in 2 different trainings: one organized in Messina, Italy, another in Lugoj, Romania. Together with all partners involved we managed to produce a webpage of the project and a mobile application for those interested in career development in the STEMM field.

In the Final meeting we evaluated our work on the app and the website and reviewed both of them in order to improve some technical matters. The partnership also discussed the dissemination activities and some further strategies to make the app and the webpage more visible. We exchanged feedback from the participants in the trainings and exchanged good practices according to those experiences.

On the 16th of December Horizont Proconsult held the Multiplier event for project CARES where we gathered around 30 teachers and principals from different high schools from all over the country and showed them the results of the project: the app and the webpage. On the event was present one of the coordinating teachers that travelled with out first group of students to Messina, to share with the participants what the training was like and how it was valuable for the students. 

On the Multiplier event we also provided with valuable information regarding the Erasmus + KA1 mobility projects, deadlines, possibilities, etc, that we considered of value to the participants. Further on we will continue to disseminate the CARES mobile app and webpage.


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