The VET circle: Schools – Students – Companies


The VET circle: Schools – Students – Companies

Project Number:

01/10/2022 to 30/09/2024

About the Project:
With this project we want to help the companies get the best students, and also help the students find the most appropriate company for work placement. We have many other places where people can look for jobs, but not a single web site where students can search for a practical work. That`s our aim with this project. We need to get the companies involved in this circle schools-students-companies. We will promote work based learning and the dual educational system, in general.

Throughout the project there will be three Partnership Meetings and one Training activity. The kick-off meeting was already held in Sofia, Bulgaria, the second will be in N. Macedonia and the third in Turkey. Representatives from all the partners will meet and discuss about the activities for this project. A 5 days Joint Staff Training will be held in Netherlands where teachers from VET schools, staff of the organizations involved and mentors from companies will collaborate for the future creation fo the Project results.

By the end of the project the partnership will have produced three outcomes: First is the web platform. It will become place where students from our countries will search for practical placements in companies. The other project result will be the E-learning course for mentors. The third project result will be the E-learning course for teachers. The e-courses will be easy to use and the instructions will be easy to follow. The courses will be translated into Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish.


  1. Foundation NK- North Macedonia
  2. Osmaniye İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü- Turkey
  3. Dutch Foundation– The Netherlands
  4. Horizont Proconsult- Bulgaria 



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