Open Minds: Results so far!


Since the October meeting in Brussels, the team has been hard at work to complete the final reports on the topic of radicalisation. One of the reports you can find on our website – link. It’s a collection of life stories of people who were de-radicalised – in the report you can find stories from Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Cyprus, and Italy. 

During the research phase, we were surprised to discover that there aren’t any stories of deradicalised individuals. Our Slovenian partner shared their country’s best practices on how to avoid radicalisation, as they seem to be working. 

Currently, the partnership is working on the development of an interactive game, where players can discover how easy it is to fall victim to radicalisation, and how difficult it can be to get out. The game consists of questions related to how to act in certain situations. The player gets confronted by them while moving along the game map. 

We’re happy with the overall results of the project, and we’re excited to keep moving forward!


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