Meeting with the participants in the project Professional Practice in Trade and Economics – First Steps to Success


One month before the departure of the participants in the project “Professional Practice in Trade and Economics – First Steps to Success”, Horizon ProConsult organized meetings with parents, teachers and participants to prepare them for the upcoming practice. The project is funded by the Center for Human Resources Development, under the Erasmus + program in activity KD102, Vocational Education and Training Sector.

Prior to the mobility, which will involve 45 students studying economics, they got acquainted with the activities that will take place during their internship in Spain. Issues of accommodation, overall organization and pandemic measures that must be strictly adhered to were discussed. Students need to complete the mandatory online English language training provided by the program.

During our meeting with the participants from the high schools in Stara Zagora, Montana and Yambol, there was great interest in starting the practice and immersion in the Spanish way of life and culture.


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