The New Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027). Better. With more opportunities. For You.

Creative People

We are happy to announce the launch of the New Erasmus+ programme!

During the programme period 2021-2027, you will be able to apply for new projects, to partner with new countries, and most importantly – to gain new skills and experience, as part of this European initiative for a better future!

And here are the these new things we cannot wait to share with you:

  • Budget – almost double the amount for the program (from 14.7 to 26 billion euros),
  • Greater number of beneficiaries (from 4 to 10 million),
  • Mobilities outside of Europe; hybrid between physical and virtual mobilities,
  • Simplified access – less administrative procedures; dematerialisation of European Student Cards,
  • Ecology in mind – benefits for those who choose greener means of transport,
  • Possibility of taking language courses abroad,
  • K1 actions will be available for pre-school and kindergarten teachers too,
  • Mobility of students and staff – short and long-term ones, will be part of K1, instead of K2 actions (better chances for funding),
  • Preparatory visits before mobility ones,
  • The Erasmus Accreditation will be available for schools and the application will only be made once. When accepted, schools will receive funding during the whole programme.
  • UK is no longer a partner country.

We cannot wait to take on this journey together! We are waiting for you!