Transnational partner meeting of the project “Open Minds”

Between 17th and 18th of May was held the Transnational partner meeting of the project “Open Minds” in Larisa, Greece.
Representatives from all 7 partner countries evaluated the work, done so far and discussed next steps towards finalization of the outputs and of the project.

The main objectives of the project “Open Minds” is to identify social-economic problems, design and pilot solutions and, refine and validate these solutions in close collaboration to stakeholders and civil society. Therefore, the project touches upon all the relevant SRL levels from level number 2 (formulation of problem, proposed solution(s) and potential impact, expected societal readiness; identifying relevant stakeholders for the project) to level number 6 (solution(s) demonstrated in relevant environment and in cooperation with relevant stakeholders to gain initial feedback on potential impact).

The main topic of this meeting was: to evaluate the work, done so far for the first Output of the project; to finalize the first Output; to discuss in details what have to be done for the second Output of the project; to speak about dissemination and about next steps towards Output 3 of the project; to set specific tasks, deadlines and more activities, related with the implementation of the project and each step of it.

During the meeting, our team managed to present their work on the first Output, to present ideas and possibilities on implementation of the second Output where we are the leading partner and to create even stronger relationships with the partners and their team on the meeting.


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