Go4Vocationall Skills is a project that is supporting innovative practices in the digital age. The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of education in technical schools in Europe by implementing a tool for analyzing the competency gap of students studying in the following professions: construction technician, logistics technician, renewable energy technician.

This will be done by creating 4 project results, which are:

  1. Competency profiles for selected professions and positions
  2. Competency tests for the above-mentioned fields of study
  3. IT tool for automatic assessment of the level of competences and compliance with the profiles from project result 1  
  4. Proposed interpretation of the results of the competency test along with exemplary development activities (including financing) 

   Project Result 1 is a set of desired competences assigned to each of them the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a given position within one of the 3 professions. We will select the key competences, recommended by the literature and the participants of the research conducted within result 1, which are required by a middle-level employee (typical positions of technical school graduates), in a given profession, to conduct the work in an effective manner. For each of the competency categories, we will list levels of expected knowledge, skills and attitudes. The project will create a competence matrix for min. 15 positions within 3 professions.

   Project result 2- competency tests  for the 3 professions will require substantive work related to the preparation of a set of questions that would allow to verify, first of all, knowledge and skills, but also to determine the expected behaviors related with the attitudes of the people subject to the test. As a result of the work under R2, a set of questions, tasks and problem issues will be created, presented in the form of a selection test. The person whose level of competence will be assessed will answer randomly selected questions within each tested competence. On the basis of the answers provided, the level of individual competencies will be determined on the scale, which will then be compared with the defined competency profiles for selected positions from R1.

   Project Result 3- the IT tool that we are planning to develop will make it possible to assess the competencies of students and to compare this assessment with the competency profiles for the professions and positions specified in the first result. The tool will be available on computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

   All of the project results have its leaders and we from Horizont ProConsult are the leaders of the 4th, which is Proposal for interpretation of competency test results including examples of development activities and possibilities of their financing.The main part is going to include a guide with a description of the tool’s capabilities, competency test results obtained by using it (character and type of data), a proposal for interpreting these results and planning development activities on this basis. There will also be examples of recommended development activities which should help to better prepare students for entering the labor market. 

We are proud that we are partners in such an important society project!


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