Second and third training for the project CARES


The idea of this project was developed based on the urgent need to tackle the STEMM skills gap and also to support the improvement of English language competencies for English as Second Language (ESL) students via the use of the AR app as a digital tool in education. To implement properly the project, 3 international trainings were planned and we are happy to announce that from 19th to 23rd  of September the last two trainings will take place in Timisoara, Romania.

   The first mobility will involve 8 students and 1 accompanying teacher. This training will incorporate more coding, IT and mathematics related activities. Some of the learning outcomes are : working in a team, leadership, listening, following instructions, interacting with students from other countries, independent work, sharing resources and learning new facts. The students will do chromatography on candies and compare the chromatography patterns, they will discover the principle of generating green energy from natural materials without polluting the environment and also will generate electricity using natural materials like clay, water, juices, fruits and vegetables. One of the most important activities is a weekly project to build a robotic hand, which will emulate humans.

 In addition the Learning Teaching Training Activity will take place in Romania at the same time as the second exchange of groups of pupils and will be delivered by Hilal Dogu Akademi. Each partner will deliver a presentation on the current situation of teaching practices, methods, approaches and activities regarding STEM and CLIL methods. 

 Horizon Proconsult has chosen to partner with AEG “Geo Milev” from Burgas on this project, whose students have already participated in the first training in Messina (Sicily), and are now going to represent us on the last two mobilities in Romania. We wish them good luck and hope that the experience will be fruitful for both students and teachers!


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