Kick off meeting for project Open Minds


The first live meeting for project Open Minds (2020-3-DK01-KA205-094059) was organized in Torino, Italy. More than 10 participants from the partnering countries took part in the event.

Anna Jørgensen, SOSU gave a presentation on the IO1-A1 report, which was developed from May 2021 until now. The report includes a definition of the key terms of the project: extremism, radicalization etc. After the presentation, the meeting participants discussed the findings and conclusions and agreed on what should be added to the report.
Panagiotis Koutodis, Innovation Hive presented the plans for IO1-A2 “Harvesting of Twitter
Eva Žunec, MIITR introduced IO1-A3, where a quantitate spatial analysis will be performed to explore the trends and socio-economic drivers of radicalization/polarization. Valeria facilitated a discussion among partners about the IO1-A4.SOSU is responsible for IO1-A5 – the “final synthesis report”.

The meeting was very fruitful and gave the participants the opportunity to discuss the next steps in the project.


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