OpenMinds: Results and Conclusions From the Project

Young People

After many months of working on OpenMinds, it’s time for the project to close. The project is targeted at young people presenting high risks for radicalisation and social exclusion, youth workers, NGOs working with and supporting young people, public entities and organisations supporting the social inclusion of youth Policy makers.

During the project, we have produced a report on life stories of deradicalised individuals from each partner country, who shared their experiences with being involved in radicalised groups.

This helped us create game-based simulations of situations that could lead to an individual falling into radicalisation. This game is aimed to be used by our target groups to work with Youth that’s at high risk of becoming a part of such groups.

The simulations not only teach about an individual’s critical thinking skills, but it also teaches one to be more aware of what’s happening in their immediate surroundings, and how to help others. 

Thank you to all our partners for the months of hard work – Innovation Hive, SOSU Østjylland, Projects for Europe PFE, FRAMEWORK associazione culturale, Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja and STANDO LTD. 

We hope to work together in the future!

You can find all the results on the project’s website: 


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