Results from the resources in the Work Based Learning platform- pathway to Youth empowerment


The overall Work based learning project idea relates to the creation of bottom up partnerships that will encourage the work in networks for national and transnational apprenticeship providers, in view of further improving youth professional competences.

   This is possible with creating project results that reflect on the general idea of work based learning. The main results are : a practical guide on the effective use of  EU funding instruments to support practical training in a real work environment, platform of apprenticeship schemes and practical training among potentially interested local and international stakeholders, development of a professional community for international cooperation that exchanges know-how and strengthens the cooperation between the formal, non-formal education sectors and the labor market.

   The resources that are used in the platform are the European WBL Good practices booklet, which includes WBL strategies and advantages, practical guide that aims to provide the reader with information about the steps needed in order to participate in the Erasmus program, in this guide you will find basic directions on the procedures and requirements.

   The booklet contains information about the meaning of WBL and Erasmus, the application process. There is also chapters dedicated to project management model and additional documentation. The aim of this practical guide is to give all the needed data to the readers and make it as easy as possible for them to use it in different ways.

   We from Horizont ProConsult are beyond proud of working on such important projects that have an impact on the society as a whole!


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